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Hubei Wanrun New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd establishes the “Research Center of New Energy Base Material”, sets up a new energy material research and development team led by overseas returned doctors and senior experts , employs famous technical experts of the precursor materials of lithium ion batteries. It also sets up the New Energy Material Research, Development and Production Base at Shiyan,Hubei province,at the same time based on the “production-university-research” cooperation with many famous universities in China, it establishes the university-enterprise co-construction system, to continuously develop new products and do research on the precursor materials such as lithium iron oxalate, lithium iron phosphate, ternary material and modified lithium manganat.

    More than 51% of the professional technicians in the production base have college degree or above. The annual capacity of the existing iron oxalate production line reaches up to 1800 ton per year and the technology is at an advanced level in China and abroad. The annual capacity of the existing iron pyrophosphate production line reaches up to 3600 ton per year. At the same time it can control the impurity content of more than ten types of ions which may affect the performance of the batteries, especially the elements such as Pb, Cr, Zn, Ni, Cu and Ti to achieve high quality and high efficiency and promote the rapid development of the lithium ion battery precursor material technology. The product quality is at a world advanced level and our company is the only enterprise with mass production of high-quality battery grade Iron oxalate and Iron phosphate. The products have won recognition from World First-class customer and establish a long-term business relationship with us.

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